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I am a creative full-stack marketing professional skilled in Strategic Planning, WordPress, SEO / SEM, B2B, Content Marketing, Social Media, and Market Research.

As a Digital Growth Marketer, I welcome each opportunity to further my knowledge and experience in the MarTech field. My objective is to have a career that I will love from day to day and enjoy going to work and growing personally and professionally.

Building digital relationships, and digital communications, generally speaking, is a process that I systematically investigate. Moreover, I'm very passionate about Digital Arts. As a contemporary Visual Artist, I take the principle of perspective further by pushing past the basic concept of linear view. 

2 months ago

Constantinos K

「Terminal Slam」
Squarepusher 「🎧🔊🎚🎛️🖤」

"The concept began with the idea of ​​implementing the near future, not the distant future, using modern technology. In the near future, It would be exciting to be able to rewrite ads as freely as is depicted in this music video while wearing such a device and wandering around the city." - Daito Manabe (Rhizomatiks)

Immerse yourself in a near-future Tokyo and see an alternative reality; a subjective world of commercial advertising painted through an intensive psychedelic experience.
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My passion is working closely with interesting companies to elevate their brand. Sometimes I am available to develop new freelance projects. Let's talk & find a fit.